Monday, April 20, 2009

Best shoe for a standing cashier? input appreciated!?

I%26#039;ll be starting a job in a few days where my duties are primarily cashier and stocking shelves. What is the best type of shoe for this? I%26#039;m assuming a walking shoe, or simply a casual sneaker? It%26#039;s required they be leather or %26quot;leather-like%26quot; material, not canvas.

I don%26#039;t have much of an arch in my foot, I do occasionally have problems with bursitis in my hip after hours of standing, and lower back pain (if any of those things influence your opinion!).

Do you have a specific brand you prefer? Why?

I will be so grateful for some HELPFUL, descriptive input!!!

Best shoe for a standing cashier? input appreciated!?
Anything with a really spongy sole and an arch support will help, but you should see if the store provides cushioned mats for the cashiers to stand on - they really reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Another thing to consider is getting a small sturdy box to keep at your register so you can put one foot up on it and switch off periodically. That also helps prevent fatigue.
Reply:Get yourself some Dr. Shoals.
Reply:I swear by a brand called Born (the %26quot;o%26quot; is one of those that has a line through it). They can be a little expensive, but I%26#039;ve always been able to get them for decent prices at places like Marshall%26#039;s and TJ Maxx. The instant you put them on, they feel like heaven. They%26#039;re also really durable, and most of their shoes are leather. I wear mine all day, all of the time and my feet never hurt.
Reply:CROCS....the absolut best shoes for being on your feet all day they run anywhere fron 20- 30$ and worth every penny
Reply:if you can wear athletic-type shoes....try on some

New Balance shoes....I%26#039;ve had nothing but great

feel in them, and I am on my feet 10 hrs. a work.
Reply:find yourself a pair of sport shoes which fits your feets well with arch support then there should not be any problem
Reply:their caled sas in most stores check on a link they are pricey but worth it .
Reply:I prefer %26quot;Red Wing%26quot; shoes, in the walking shoe type. They are the preferred type of shoe for postal mail carriers so that should say something for thier comfort.
Reply:You really get what you pay for. Do you have a store called %26quot;Big 5?%26quot; Any large store with Air Jordans also sell what you%26#039;re looking for.

Good luck with the shoes and the new job!! :)


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