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Where can I find a leather retailer that sells just the material and doesn't costs too much?

I'm looking for leather material, prefer in the USA. an option of different colors would be good. All I can find on the net is clothes and shoes. I just want material. thanks.

Where can I find a leather retailer that sells just the material and doesn't costs too much?
A small suggestion before purchasing. Do a small amount of research on "working with leather" before beginning with a project. I do apologize if you know how to. In the long run it may save you costly errors as leather is not inexpensive.

At least 1 link is not in the US and that is Buckskin. They ask for payment not in Canadian dollars but the equivilancy.
Reply:Do a search for it...leather material. leather wholesale...

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How do you make permanent marker on canvas shoes PERMANENT??

I drew designs and pictures on my white Vans slip-ons with a Sharpie permanent marker. I'm concerned that they might smudge or get blurry/won't be able to see the original design if they get wet. Is there something you can do to these shoes/apply to the material to make sure that the designs and drawings are permanent?

How do you make permanent marker on canvas shoes PERMANENT??
If the shoes are canvas the marker shouldn't come could test a small area that isn't so noticeable with a small drop of water on part of a line..if it looks like it might smudge take a hair dryer to it than redraw your line a little thicker....what ever you do ...DO NOT SPRAY THEM WITH HAIRSPRAY...hairspray will remove permanent marker off clothing...(used this many times).....

you could also spray your shoes with a workable fixative is used to preserve pencil,pastel,charcoal can find the fixative anywhere that sells art supplies and its inexpensive...

I hope I of luck with your shoes.......
Reply:theirs a marker you can buy for fabrics try joann fabrics
Reply:As far as I know.... A permanent marker is just that. Permanent!
Reply:The ink may fade, but it won't totally disappear.
Reply:You can buy Hodge Podge at your local discount retailer Wal----, it will seal in the marker. Let dry for 24 hrs. (cost less than $5)

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Who can help my church in Brazil?

I`m a missionaire in UK and I wish that some pastor help my church in Brazil, where we help street childrens and we need support like clothes, shoes, food and many materials to help this people.I would like to know how can I contact someone to help my church. Thanks, for now.

Who can help my church in Brazil?
try the hillsong pentacostal church in london

good luck and god bless


(sorry if i spelt it wrong)
Reply:try independant methodist churches northern ireland they have missionaries in all differenent parts of the country they would only be to glad to help good luck
Reply:Without knowing the specifics of your situation, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in Brazil helping the people of the country all the time to improve their lives and their lifestyle. I was a missionary in Brazil 35 years ago. We help people with jobs, education, food, clothing, housing and medical needs depending on the situation. Have your family or church leaders contact The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in your area and explain the situation and see what can be done.
Reply:If you have faith, you just need to pray. So go ahead.

You are welcome for now.
Reply:go to any church in UK sure they will help but we have so many good causes here to contribute to you can but try good luck and god bless
Reply:have you tried god
Reply:Why don't you pray?

If god is real and benevolent, you'll get everything you need instantly.

If not, then I suggest re-thinking this whole mythology.
Reply:Dude the 700 club and pat robertson are realy good at getting money outta people..

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Polyester and Synthetic Leather?

I have a pair of running shoes that contains those materials. Can I wash them in the washing machine or do I have to wash them in a special way?

Polyester and Synthetic Leather?
I would say you could machine wash them. I've done that with sythetic running shoes before, and it's worked fine. They get a little bent out of shape, but if you wear them, they'll go back into shape.
Reply:I wash my NB running shoes, 800 series, with mesh and they do fine. I dry on delicate or leave them out in the sun. No problem at all.
Reply:I would wash them in a delicates bag on a light cycle and either let them air dry or dry them on delicate cycle. That's how I wash most of my shoes and they've all done just fine. Hope this helps you out.


Where can i dye my shoes?

i need to know of a store that dye shoes...they are sateen material.. and i live in souther california ....

Where can i dye my shoes?
Phone any wedding store for names, they must know. Or a shoe repair place. The one near me sells the dye. Good luck.
Reply:Payless Shoes.

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Where do people get those slipper shoes???? =D?

The shoes have like.. Soft material inside.. and the rim of where the opening is, has like.... White fur! Then the bottom is just like a regular shoes that you can go places in and stuff! I can't buy anything online right now... so maybe some stores that i could look in would be good! Thank you so much!

Where do people get those slipper shoes???? =D?
Like these? These are about 100-200 bucks.

Or you can optionally go to AE and get these for only 60 bucks.

Much cheaper, aye? Go even cheaper. 40 bucks!

They're all basically the same. I suggest getting the second or third. They all have the fur-like lining and they look mostly the same.

Hope I helped. I'm getting either the second or third! :-)
Reply:I get mine from


old navy


wet seal



Reply:i dunno.. guess that i never saw them...
Reply:I saw those kind of shoes at sears
Reply:Are you talking about UGGs?


Who is Goodwill really good for?

This isent really a question, more like a statement. I would like to say that Goodwill should officially be renamed badwill and people need to know why. I have been an employee for a goodwill for almost 6 months. I have seen some extremely scandalist activities since i have started. One example is many people are under the impression that when clothes and goods are donated that are not in perfect shape but are still useable are sent to third world contries and used for those in need, WHICH IS NOT TRUE! the salvage materials are sent to a center where they are burned, as well as shoes and books, baby materials, computer equipment, and other "unuseable" products are burned or melted down. 85% of the donations received will never be sold to customers and if they are they are overpriced so managment can make a bonus. Make sure that you check everything becuase if you donate on accident you will never see it again. i have tons of horror stories if anyone wants to know! DONT DONATE TO GOODWI

Who is Goodwill really good for?
That sucks, but the stuff in the store is useful for those who shop there...there are some pretty good finds XDDD
Reply:poor people like me